Why Does QuickBooks Error 6000 Occur And How Do We Fix It?

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QuickBooks error code 6000

Intuit created QuickBooks, an accounting software tool. The beautiful thing about QuickBooks is that it comes with a slew of advanced features that make accounting a breeze. This decreases our job tension and allows us to finish overworked tasks in a matter of minutes.

QuickBooks error code 6000

This program, no matter how excellent it is, is prone to faults at times. Several consumers have stated that they have encountered several technical issues like QuickBooks Error Code 6000 when using QuickBooks in recent years. When a user tries to access or read the corporate file, several issues can arise.


While opening a company file,  you will see QuickBooks Error Code 6000. It is mainly  due to the reasons below:

  • The TLG file has become corrupted.
  •  QuickBooks installation file is corrupted
  • The connection is being blocked by a firewall.
  • A shattered corporation file
  • Several people have access to the same firm file.
  • The network connectivity is not up to the mark.


What Are The QuickBooks Error Code 6000 Symptoms?


When QuickBooks error 6000 occurs, you can recognize it by the symptoms listed below:

  • A warning stating “QuickBooks error 6000” shows on the screen, followed by a crash of Windows.
  • Because of the corporate file access problem, Windows becomes slow.
  • Computers freeze for a few seconds now and again.
  • It’s possible that you won’t be able to access your company’s documents, and you’ll have to go through painful troubleshooting processes.


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Before you start troubleshooting, ensure the following things


To repair the QuickBooks error 6000  issue, make sure you pass the following checklist:

  • Install the most recent version of QuickBooks desktop.
  • Run the QuickBooks File Doctor utility after downloading the QuickBooks Tools Hub.
  • To restore your backup, use Auto data recovery.


When opening a business file, QuickBooks Error 6000 might occur


If you’ve encountered QuickBooks Error Code 6000, just follow the troubleshooting procedures further down this page to resolve the issue.


Solution 1: Launch the QuickBooks File Doctor application.


The QuickBooks File Doctor is a useful tool for resolving QuickBooks error 6000. Follow these steps to fix  QuickBooks Error Code 6000

  • Select the “business file problems” TAB from the Tool Hub Home window.
  • Go ahead and launch QuickBooks File Doctor.
  • Without first opening, the company file, start QuickBooks.
  • Select Utilities from the File menu.
  • To access the QB File Doctor Tool, click on Repair File and Network Problems.
  • After that, choose the company file that has to be fixed from the Browse menu and click Open.
  • Click Next after selecting the kind of fix from the Show Advanced Settings drop-down box.
  • When asked, enter the Administrator user name and password, then click Next.
  • After you’ve finished, examine the company file to see if the QuickBooks error 6000 has been resolved.


Solution 2: Rename the.ND and.TLG files


The.ND and.TLG files, which are part of QuickBooks, are installed together with access to files in either a network or a multi-user environment, which helps to eliminate QuickBooks error 6000.

  • To begin, open the folder containing the company file.
  • Then hunt for files with the same name as your corporate files but different extensions.
  • ND and.TLG for company file.qbw.nd and company file.qbw.tlg for company file.qbw.tlg for company file.qbw.tlg for company file.qbw.t
  • When you’re finished, right-click each file and select Rename, then add OLD to the end of each file’s name.
  • (Company file.qbw.nd.OLD, for example)
  • Finally, reopen QuickBooks and try to log in again.


 Solution 3: Save the file to your desktop


make a copy of your.QBW extension and save it on your desktop. This can help you determine whether the problem is caused by a folder or data damage.

  • Here’s a step-by-step guide to doing this task.
  • Go to the folder where your company’s files are kept.
  • From the list, choose the.QBW file extension.
  • Copy and paste the file on the desktop.
  • Open QuickBooks while holding down the Ctrl (Control) key to be led to the No Company Open window.
  • Then, from the window’s choices, select Open or Restore an existing company.
  • Go to your desktop and look for the business file you saved there.


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Solution 4: Restore a previous backup


QuickBooks error 6000 can be resolved by restoring a backup of your company file from a backup folder or disc. can assist you in determining if the issue is with the current. QBW is a file extension for a QBW file.

If the backup opens without a hitch, then your current is fine.

You may need to manually re-enter transactions, invoices, and other data from the last backup date if the QBW file is destroyed.

To minimize inconsistencies throughout the procedure, carefully follow the instructions below before beginning to restore a backup of yours.

  • Make sure your computer’s hosting mode is switched off.
  • Open the file for your business.
  • Select Utilities from the File menu.
  • Choose the one that reads (Stop Hosting Multi-user Access).
  • Select Yes in the Stop hosting multi-user popup
  • The window in the Company file must be closed. Yes, should be selected.


Solution 5: Check the permissions of the folders that are producing QuickBooks error 6000


  • Open the Start Menu in Windows.
  • Navigate to the file explorer.
  • Right-click the folder containing the corporate files and choose Properties.
  • Select Advanced from the Security Tab.
  • Select QBDataServiceUserxx from the drop-down menu and then Edit.
  • Toggle Allow to the following options.
      1. Contents of the folder
      2. File Execution
      3. Attributes should be read
      4. Data Creation/Writing
      5. Data Write Attributes: Create/Append.

This brings us to the conclusion of this article. We hope that this blog post has been useful in resolving QuickBooks Error 6000. If the problem persists, or if you need help with any of the technical steps, contact our QuickBooks support team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Simply contact us, and one of our trained accounting specialists will gladly assist you!

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