How to Use QuickBooks Password Reset Tool?

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Quickbooks password reset tool

QuickBooks is a renowned software in terms of business accounting. With QuickBooks, many small and medium-sized organizations manage and organize their business accounting. To use QuickBooks you just have to download and install it. But like other software you also have to log in with the QuickBooks subscription email address and the password.

Quickbooks password reset tool

Here’s the problem with users, sometimes while logging in to the QuickBooks Desktop application they forget the password. It is serious for the users who are working daily on QuickBooks. So to reset the password, Intuit launched QuickBooks Password Reset Tool.


There are cases when the users don’t log out of the QuickBooks download software for a long time, but when they log out or try to log in again, they cannot remember the password. Thus, they can’t log in to QuickBooks. There are many other cases where users forget the password. So to reset QuickBooks password, we are going to use the Intuit QuickBooks Password Reset Tool and bring the login password of QuickBooks back.


How to Reset QuickBooks Password?

Resetting the QuickBooks password is not a challenging part. In this section we are going to derive the two methods for resetting passwords, one is with the Manual Process and the other is with the Automated Password Reset Tool QuickBooks. Let’s get started with the Manual Process and then we will use QuickBooks Password Reset Tool. let’s get started:


Reset QuickBooks Admin Password Manually

The process of resetting the password of QuickBooks with a manual process is different for QuickBooks 2020 and QuickBooks 2019, earlier versions. The steps are:

For QuickBooks 2020 Version

  1. In the first step, click on I Forgot My Password from the Company Login       Window.
  2. Then, using the Drop-Down, choose an email to get the reset token from Intuit.

          Note: If the email address doesn’t appear in the drop-down then, choose the                “Don’t see your email in the list above” and go with the on-screen steps.

  1.  In the next steps, enter the Reset Token you get on your email.

          Note: Sometimes, the email from Intuit can be shown in the Spam or Junk                   Folders. Check them  for Reset Token.

  1.    Now, reset the password.

For QuickBooks 2019 and Earlier Versions

  1. Firstly, launch QuickBooks and click on the “I Forgot My Password” option from the Login Window.
  2. Now, fill the form with the asked:
  • Your QuickBooks Desktop application License Number.
  • Enter the Email Address, Name, ZIP Code, and Phone Number, as same as you provide at the time of purchase.
  1. Click OK. After that, you will get a code on the primary email in your CAMPS. ( If the email is not in the inbox, Check Spam and Junk Folders).
  2. Lastly, follow the QuickBooks directions for creating a new Admin Password.

Now, you are able to successfully reset the QuickBooks Admin password. But if you forgot the QuickBooks User Password, then the next part is for you.


Reset QuickBooks User password

  1. Open QuickBooks and log in as Admin.
  2. Now, click on Company and choose Set Up Users and Passwords.
  3. After that, click on Set Up Users.
  4. When asked, provide the Admin Password once again.
  5. From the User List, choose the User that requires reset or change their password.
  6. Now, click on Edit User.
  7. From here, create a New User Password.
  8. Click on Next twice and then Finish.


If somehow, you are not able to reset the QuickBooks password with the manual process, then go for the QuickBooks Password Reset Tool with the following section.


How to Reset QuickBooks Password with Automated Password Reset Tool?

The QuickBooks Password Reset Tool is a perfect solution to reset the password if the manual process doesn’t work. The tool will help you reset the QuickBooks Admin password on all versions of the Windows QuickBooks Desktop application. Following are the steps:

  1. In the initial step, go to Intuit QuickBooks website and download the QuickBooks Automated Password Reset Tool.
  2. Now, choose the QuickBooks Desktop version.

Note: The same QuickBooks version is must installed on the system from which you last access the company file. Nor, you can’t reset the QuickBooks password.

  1. After selecting the version, provide the License Number of QuickBooks and the Business information, you used while registering the QuickBooks.
  2. Click on Next to reset your password with QuickBooks Password Reset Tool.
  3. Now, enter the Phone Number without the country code, and it will automatically add it and select Country. In case you see “Details didn’t match” then sign in to your Intuit account from and ensure the info are correct.
  • User’s Name and the Email Address.
  • Primary Mailing Address with the ZIP code.
  • License Number.
  • Phone Number.
  1. In the next step, accept the License Agreement.
  2. The QuickBooks Password Reset Tool downloads automatically. If the auto-download didn’t pursue then, click on Download Now.
  3. When the tool downloads successfully, open and Run the Automated Password Reset Tool and enter the Reset Token you received in the email.
  4. Now, using the QuickBooks Desktop Products drop-down, pick the same QuickBooks Desktop version.
  5. Later, click on the Browse for Company File option and pick the company file for you to wish to reset the password. Always enter the right Company File Admin User Name which is distinct from the name of Admin.
  6. In this step, enter a new Password and for confirmation, enter the New Password again.

        Tip: Make a temporary password because QuickBooks will ask you again to                 reset the password when you access the company file.

  1. At last, choose Reset Password button to finish the procedure.

After using the QuickBooks Password Reset Tool and resetting the password, log in to your company file with the newly created password. The tool is a one-time use tool. You have to fill out the verification form again to generate a new token.


Wrapping Up

Now, you can follow the manual process and the Password Reset Tool to reset the QuickBooks password. We suggest you use the Tool as there are fewer chances to get into any confusion while resetting the tool. QuickBooks Password Reset Tool is a robust program if you forgot your QuickBooks Admin Password and you reset it. However, if you want Expert help in resetting the password, then contact our Quickbooks support ProAdvisors with the Live Chat or Email. They will provide and advise you with the finest. Thank You!

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