Why Do Quickbooks Payroll Issues and Update Errors Appear? [Resolved]

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Quickbooks payroll issues

Wondering what are QuickBooks payroll issues and update errors? Why do these errors occur? Do you want to resolve them? Please follow this guide.

Quickbooks accounting software allows you to manage your account and bookkeep your records. It’s a multipurpose software hence you can perform invoicing, bookkeeping, and billing together. To take advantage of billing and payroll services, you can subscribe to it. However, the instances of QuickBooks payroll problems are recorded very often. As a result, to get over these issues, users are looking for solutions.


Quickbooks payroll issues

Have you also encountered QuickBooks online payroll issues? No worries! Here, we’ll discuss QuickBooks payroll common issues and update errors. Also, How do resolve these issues using different methods?


Let’s dive in!

What Does the Term Payroll in Quickbooks Payroll Issues Mean?


Before learning about quickbooks online payroll issues, learn about the feature.


What is the QuickBooks Payroll feature? 

QuickBooks payroll is to manage the billing and tax of the company. It’s where QuickBooks payroll issues and errors occur. Quickbooks payroll is the most suitable process to release employees’ payments. It’s because it calculates employees’ earnings and filters out the federal and state payroll taxes.


Here, the term payroll means: 

  • A company’s financial records
  • Paycheck distribution to employees
  • Employee annual wages record


Let’s Learn Why Quickbooks Payroll Online Issues Show Up? 


Quickbooks payroll, similar to any other software, also throws up some troubles. The struggle is real when you are unaware of its causes and solutions.

Henceforth, identify major reasons (and areas) QuickBooks payroll problems may occur:


  • When billing information is missing or incorrect in QuickBooks payroll
  • If there is a corrupt or damaged QuickBooks company file
  • Quickbooks software registration is missing
  • An issue in the payroll folder tax table file (damaged/corrupted)


Go Through The List of Quickbooks Update Payroll Errors


Below is the list of QuickBooks payroll update errors that you may face in QuickBooks:

1. Quickbooks error 12000 series

The 12000 series errors occur in the presence of internet issues. It includes error codes 12007, 12002, 12029, 12031, and 12009.

2. Quickbooks error 12152

The error code 12152 occurs due to misconfiguration of internet settings. As a result, the software QuickBooks takes longer than usual to connect to the internet and download data.

3. Quickbooks error 15240

The error code 15240 occurs when there is an issue with firewall settings. Further, it also appears due to misconfiguration of internet explorer, and time & date settings.

4. Quickbooks error 15270

The error code occurs if a payroll file is missing in QuickBooks.

5. Quickbooks error 15271

The error code 15271 occurs due to an incomplete payroll update. Also, when the payroll file is invalid.

6. Quickbooks error 17337

The error code 17337 occurs due to misconfiguration of the internet explorer and incorrect SSL.

7. Quickbooks error PS077 and PS032

The error codes PS077 and PS032 occur when QuickBooks fails to install the payroll tax table update.

8. Quickbooks error PS034

The error code occurs due to an invalid tax table, incorrect billing information, and a payroll file.

9. Quickbooks error PS038

When the error appears, you will get a message on your screen saying, “update the payroll because it was last updated in an older version with which some of the files can’t be opened”.


Use These Solutions to Fix Quickbooks Payroll Update Issues?


In the section, you’ll find two categories of solutions. First, common solutions for all. Second, specific solutions for some error codes.

Nevertheless, try any of these common solutions to resolve QuickBooks online payroll issues. 


1.    Correct Date & Time On Your System

Quickbooks payroll issues may also occur if your system’s date & time is incorrect.

  • Tap on the start
  • Then, select the Settings menu (gear button).
  • Now, tap on the tab Date & time.
  • Now, tap on the option Change date & time, click Ok

Once done, close the QuickBooks to open it again. Run the QuickBooks payroll to see if the problem appears on your system.


2.    Install Digital Signature Certificate

A digital signature certificate in QuickBooks authenticates your identity. It also assists you in providing robust security for your online transactions.

  • Launch windows
  • Go to “C:Drive: Program Files/Intuit/QuickBooks/”.
  • Then locate the exe file and select Properties.
  • After that, tap on the tab Digital signature (on the left-side menu).
  • For more details tap on the Details option.
  • select the option View Certificate in the certificate box.
  • Tap on the Next button unless you get to the finished page.
  • Then, select the Finish tab to end the process.


Once done, restart your system to open QuickBooks. Now, install the new payroll update. 


3.    Configure Your Internet Settings

A reason for the QuickBooks payroll problem may be related to internet settings. If your internet settings are misconfigured, for instance, not considering Intuit as a trusted site, an issue will occur.

Therefore, check the internet settings of the browser you’re using. Ensure the Intuit website is a trusted website for your browser or add it manually.


4.    Repair your QuickBooks software

To fix the QuickBooks payroll issues, run a repair on your QuickBooks software.

  • Go to the start button and select Control Panel.
  • Then, double-tap on Add or Remove
  • Next, select the QuickBooks program you want to delete.
  • After that, tap on the option Change or Remove
  • In the QuickBooks Installation window, tap Next.
  • In the Quickbooks Maintenance Window, tap Next.
  • Then tap the Repair
  • At last, tap finish to end the process.

5.    Rename the CSP Folder 

  • To begin, update your QuickBooks payroll tax table.
  • Then, open My Computer.
  • Move to the C:\ProgramFiles\Intuit\QuickBooks20XX\Components\Payroll\CPS
  • XX denotes the QuickBooks version
  • Now, tap right on the CPS folder to rename
  • Change the name from ‘CPS to CPSOLD’ and check for the error
  • Update the payroll tax table again and check the error.


Fix Quickbooks Payroll Problems Specific Error Code

As mentioned earlier, in this section, we’ll deal with specific QuickBooks error codes. Thus, if you come across these QuickBooks payroll issues try these solutions.


1.    Quickbooks payroll update error 15240: 

Quickbooks update error 15240 may appear when you try to update the software. Other reasons may include an issue with internet explorer settings, time & date settings or a windows file is damaged or corrupted.

Therefore. Use these steps to fix the problem:

1. Click on the Start button.

2. Then, select Settings.

3. For Windows 7 & XP

  • Go to the control panel.
  • Select Add or remove programs.

4. Now, choose Apps.

5. Tap on the tab apps & features.

6. Tap on QuickBooks to select uninstall/change.

7. Tap next on QuickBooks windows that pop up.

8. After that, tap on the Repair Radio button.

9. Tap Next.

10. Select Repair.

11. Finally, select Finish.


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2.    Quickbooks payroll update error 15106: 


Have you got these error messages: “The update program is damaged” or “The update program can’t be opened.”

Open your QuickBooks payroll software as admin. It should help you fix the error. However, if you receive the error again, try the solutions explained earlier.


3.  Quickbooks payroll update error PS032:

To fix the QuickBooks payroll online issue PS032, first, check Registration. Check to see if your Quickbooks software is registered. Otherwise, register it now.

However, before applying the solution, go through these points below: 

1. Backup your data: 

    • Open QuickBooks.
    • Tap on settings and select backup.
    • Note the backup code that appears on your screen. It protects your data and  makes the entire process automatic.

2. Besides that, check to see if your billing data is correct and updated.

    3. Update accountant’s copy: Ensure the accountant’s copy in QuickBooks is also updated.


    Turn off User Account Control (UAC): 


    • Further, if you’re using Windows 8, 7, or Vistas for QuickBooks, make sure your User Account Control (UAC) is turned off before you update the software.
    • Keep a copy of Quickbooks License Number: in this process, you may require a QuickBooks license number. Therefore, if you don’t have it, use these steps:
    • Tap on the Home tab in QuickBooks windows.
    • Then press the function key F2.
    • It will provide you with product details, hence, note the license number from here.
    • Only one QuickBooks should be installed on your system. Hence, check to ensure that your system has only one QuickBooks software installed on the system. If there is more than one, clean install the QuickBooks to resolve the error.


    Summing Up the Session: 

    In this guide, we discussed quickbooks payroll issues related to all queries. We hope this answers the nature of payroll concerns for you. In the event of these errors, you can either use specialized solutions or general solutions. If none of the following options work for you or you require additional assistance; please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our technical support is available around the clock to help you.


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