QuickBooks Remote Access – What It Is and Its Benefits?

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Quickbooks remote access

Quickbooks remote access

Most enterprises and accounting professionals use the QuickBooks software every day. The software comes in various plans and caters to the needs of businesses of all sizes. QuickBooks has been making its presence felt in the accounting domain for the past many years. Throughout this period, it has stood up to its reputation. The software is packed with many features. But do you know that it is also possible to access the software remotely? QuickBooks remote access becomes very useful for businesses that are going global. Moreover, as more people start working from their homes, this feature allows them to remotely access QuickBooks.


What is QuickBooks Remote Access?

Remote access is essentially a safe server that aids users in accessing their computers from a different system. You can also access other essential things like documents and email, irrespective of where you are. But you need a reliable internet connection to do so. As you might already tell, there are various benefits of QB remote access. In the following sections, you’ll know about them in greater detail. 


The Advantages of QuickBooks Remote Access?

There are numerous benefits of QB remote access. Before learning how to access this feature, you should know the various advantages it offers. 


  • QB remote access allows users to transfer folders or files between various systems. 
  • The remote access functionality also saves a significant amount of time that accountants would need if they were to travel to offices. At the same time, it also saves infrastructure costs. 
  • You can also copy and paste I between both local and remote PCs. 
  • Many users can collaborate and work together on the same file of QuickBooks using the remote feature. 
  • When you access QuickBooks remotely, it becomes pretty easy to monitor the activities of accountants. 
  • You can also effortlessly print documents from a remote system to a local printer. 


What are the QuickBooks Remote Access Options That Intuit Supports?

Intuit supports various options for remote access. You can find all these options in detail below.


1. Switch to QuickBooks Online

You can access QuickBooks Online from anywhere if you have a robust internet connection. You can decide how many employees are working and determine the plan you want to opt for. QuickBooks Online also secures information from unauthorized access. It provides protection against malware attacks and several security measures to store data in remote servers. The only con of QuickBooks Online is that it doesn’t offer the features that QuickBooks Desktop does.


2. Host QuickBooks Desktop on Cloud

The second option is authorized QuickBooks Desktop hosting on third-party servers. QuickBooks Desktop remote access allows authenticated users to access QB from anywhere over the World Wide Web when installed on the hosting provider’s servers. QuickBooks hosting lends support to all the features of the QB Desktop version. It also provides the exact user interface. Thus, users can adjust to the cloud environment. Apart from it, users can also use any device they prefer, like a desktop, laptop, and smartphone.


The QuickBooks providers also take care of managing cloud servers. It minimizes the load on the IT team, so they can divert their attention to core tasks. At the same time, QuickBooks hosting also offers multi-user collaboration. It also makes it easier to integrate QuickBooks add-ons for greater productivity. There are also various security issues that QB hosting providers take care of. They do it by offering end-to-end encryption, robust anti-virus systems, intrusion detection, firewalls, 256-bit data encryption, and much more.


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3. Use QB remote access tool

You can use QuickBooks remote access tool to link to the remote machine on which you have installed the QB Desktop. This tool can execute core tasks. Some of them include copying files between remote and local systems, printing files on the remote server via the local printer, and remotely accessing QB data files and folders. This tool functions on the Cisco WebEx tool. This tool supports online communication services and meetings. The remote access QuickBooks is an add-on for the QB accounting program. You can find it in two versions. They are Full Desktop Access and QuickBooks Access. It is easy to buy the tool. Head over to the official Intuit website to purchase it. 


Currently, in the market, you can find numerous remote access software. All of them provide relatively similar services. The user can employ them to use QuickBooks like a local desktop remotely.  If you want to know about QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool you can read this post.


Why Consider QuickBooks Hosting?

If you want better business outcomes, QuickBooks hosting is by far the best medium of doing so. Hosting QB Desktop on the cloud gives you loads of benefits compared to QuickBooks Online. Some of the chief plus points of QuickBooks hosting include the following:


  • Hosting services offer speedier access to QB data and files. In contrast, the online option can at times slow down the accounting work because of greater traffic.
  • Various hosting providers are there to give you QuickBooks hosting. You can select packages and avail of their unique benefits.
  • QuickBooks hosting also has an extensive selection of add-ons. In contrast, QuickBooks Online has limited add-ons.


How to QuickBooks Remote Access Carry out?

It is easy to access QB remotely from your home or other places. You just have to follow a set of steps in order to access the software remotely. Adhere to the steps below very carefully.


  • Navigate to the official Intuit website. Once there, sign up for QuickBooks remote access.
  • Now sign in to your account on the QB remote access website. Next, launch a web browser on the computer wherein you desire remote access to QuickBooks.
  • Proceeding forward, download the remote access tool installation file. Follow it by tapping on the setup computer.
  • You will see a nickname field. Here you need to input a computer nickname and click ‘Next.’
  • After that, checkmark the options to start every time a remote session is signed in to.
  • You’ll notice a couple of options. They will include: ‘Use full-screen view by default,’ ‘Disable this computer’s keyboard and mouse,’ ‘Make this computer’s screen blank’ and ‘Automatically reduce screen resolution to match.’
  • Next, you have to checkmark the option for the application to access remotely on the computer or system. For a nominal monthly fee, you can access only the QuickBooks accounts. After that, hit the ‘Next’ option.
  • Next, you need to check the box that’s for the verification option to use. You can input a phone number or a passcode. After typing in all the data in their fields, press the ‘Finish’ tab. That’s all you need to do.


Is There Another Way to Remotely Access QuickBooks?

There is another way to access QuickBooks remotely. You can find the steps below for another way to access this software.

  • From the remote system, launch a web browser.
  • Now, open the remote access site and log in to your account. 
  • Locate the box with the ‘System nickname.’ Here, tap the ‘Connect’ option. 
  • Follow it up by typing in the passcode that you get on your mobile phone. 
  • Now, tap the remote access drop-down menu. 
  • Finish this process by tapping on ‘End the QB remote access session’ after your session completes. 

What is the Price of QuickBooks Remote Access?

Although QuickBooks is ideal accounting software, it is not free. So, if you want to remote access QuickBooks, you need to pay a specific price. This service is available in two plans. They are as follows:

  • You can avail of QuickBooks Access for $70.95 per month. 
  • You can get Full Desktop Access for a price of $99.75 per month. 


How Reliable and Secure Is QuickBooks Remote Access?

Every business, their accounting activities are private. So, you cannot deny the importance of a dependable medium to source data and execute all the online and offline accounting tasks. There’s also the requirement of a security check at every level. QuickBooks Online and QB remote access tools are fully secure and reliable. Businesses can thus safely rely on them. 


Security is of much significance, especially if you are looking for cloud-based solutions. QuickBooks Online or hosting offers highly reliable security. The commercial host that Intuit authorizes is screened to check that the client’s data is wholly safe. As mentioned before, many service providers also provide 256-bit encryption. The encryption level with QB remote access tool and QB Online is also essentially the same. If you consider other remote access tools, their security concerns differ mainly due to their abilities. 


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Final Words

After going through this article, you must have no doubts about QuickBooks remote access. It is perfect for business owners and accountants to speedily carry out their accounting tasks from the comfort of their homes. If you need more information about QB remote access, it’s best to connect with QuickBooks customer support services. QB experts are always willing to help QB users gain the maximum from their software. 

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