QuickBooks Simple Start – Features, Benefits and Comparison

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QuickBooks Simple Start

QuickBooks Simple Start is, just like its name, ‘simple’ software that small businesses can use for accounting purposes. This application helps those who wish to organize and record credit and bank card transactions for their company. It gives you the capacity to download transactions from your credit card and its bank accounts.


QuickBooks Simple Start


Thus, it tremendously minimizes the time you require to update your books. If you’re interested in leveraging this software, sign up for a 30-day trial period. At the end of it, you would have used the software enough to find out what truly fits the needs of your business.


Getting to Know QuickBooks Simple Start

QuickBooks Online Simple Start is a version of QuickBooks Online that’s an easy-to-use accounting solution for entrepreneurs and small businesses. You will find various features in the software that will allow you to take care of your financing. Essentially, you can track your earnings and expenditure, view reports, and dispatch invoices.


A newly launched business doesn’t require to enter and track bills from vendors. It needs basic bookkeeping software for business owners to keep their books up-to-date. That is exactly what QB Simple Start offers. There are no additional modules and unwanted features. Simple menu tabs and links for invoices, sales and expenses, reports, customers, and data entry allow you to complete your accounting tasks in a few clicks.


Is QuickBooks Simple Start Right for You?

Simple Start QuickBooks is suitable for freelancers and small business owners. It offers good customer support, which proves to be especially useful for beginners. Moreover, users can also leverage the learn and support community. With its help, they can know about the software better. It also allows them to find answers to any problems they are facing using the software’s features.


However, if you have a rapidly growing business, your bookkeeping needs will expand. In such a case, the features offered in Simple Start won’t be able to fulfill all your needs. That’s why the software is perfect for entrepreneurs or those who have their own small businesses.


What Tools Does QuickBooks Simple Start Provides

This software gives you a range of bookkeeping functionalities. You can utilize the following tools present in it and manage your business.

1. Monitoring earnings and expenditure

You can easily track your income and expenses. The transactions will get sorted automatically from your connected accounts into different tax categories.

2. Click pictures of receipts and organize them

The Simple Start software enables you to click images of receipts through your mobile. It then categorizes and aligns them to expenses.

3. Sort business expenses

With QuickBooks Simple Start Online, you can sort your work expenses into corresponding tax categories. This feature will allow you to optimize tax deductions.

4. Monitor the distance you drive

Business trips are common for newly launched companies. You can use the GPS of your phone device to track the distance you drive. It is a recent feature in this software.

5. Customized invoices

The software allows you to receive payments quickly as it enables credit card and bank transfers in the invoice. You can also personalize or tailor the invoices with your brand.

6. Run varied reports

You can run and export a variety of reports. The software comes with a user-friendly dashboard.

7. Create professional-looking estimates  

Users can create highly professional-looking estimates. Further, it’s easy to change them into an invoice.

8. Automatic calculation of sales tax

With Simple Start QuickBooks you can accept credit cards and payments anywhere. The sales tax is automatically computed.

9. Stay compliant on 1099s 

It’s easy to stay compliant on your 1099s and tax time simultaneously while using the software. You can file 1099s quickly from the program.


What are the Advantages of QuickBooks Simple Start?

Ever since its launch, Simple Start has become very popular among small businesses. In comparison to other items in its category, the tool gives several benefits to the user.

1. Extremely easy to use

The program is effortless to set up. It comes with a setup guide and various interface guiding tools. The program also has online access to the whole software, which you can use from anywhere, provided you have an internet connection. Its interface is easily navigable. It also has a section containing quick links to different important parts of the program. These include links to expenses, invoices, banking, customer lists, and reports.

2. Support for GST accounting

QuickBooks Simple Start offers good support for GST accounting. It is easy to create polished GST invoices and quotations with it. It also helps in creating GST reports that aid in the analysis of performance.

3. Online banking facility

Through online Simple Start, you can reconcile your bank account by scanning every transaction and ensuring that the information aligns with that in the software. You can also write and print checks from within QB. The task is made so simple as just typing out a withdrawal form on the screen and printing it.

4. Affordable price tag

The Simple Start from QuickBooks is very reasonably priced. It comes at the cost of only $20 a month. Moreover, for the first three months of use, you’ll get it for just $10. At this price, you receive unlimited phone and email support. You can avail yourself of it between 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM PST. Although the chat support isn’t there, you can use the searchable FAQ section. It provides useful information on a range of topics.

5. It offers an array of integrations

Simple Start provides good support for more than 600 other similar applications like Justworks, Expensify, and PayPal, among others. It allows businesses to easily link all of their operations to a central platform. It also syncs data automatically from all the other applications. Thus, it paves the way for a great user experience.

6. Effortless check sign in

With QuickBooks Online Simple Start, you can scan and upload your signature on the platform and also insert them on checks. The tool greatly minimizes the time needed for making payments. If you are a business owner who signs many checks, choosing this software version will prove to be a good option.

7. Security enhancements

When you are using this software, you can be sure of data security. All the user data that’s uploaded is fully safe from harmful actions. Further, the Simple Start solution keeps updating automatically and brings many security enhancements.

8. Streamline sales, receipt, and invoice creation

The complex task of preparing sales receipts and invoices simplifies significantly when you use QuickBooks Online Simple Sales. Small enterprises and entrepreneurs can produce sophisticated invoices without spending hours on them. You can also share these invoices with your customers either via email. The invoice can also have payment links attached to them.


How to Get Started with QuickBooks Simple Start Desktop?

It doesn’t take a long time to begin working with the Simple Start solution. You can set it up in a few minutes and start using it.

  • Firstly, open the solution.
  • Now tap ‘Next’ in the popup box.
  • Input your company name and related data.
  • Select the particular entity from the options. You will find various options like a corporation, nonprofit, LLC, and the like.
  • Next, type in how you will bill your clients.
  • After that, tap ‘Next’ and give a name to the QB Company file. The setup process is finished. You can now start using its features, like placing bank transfers and payment gateway links in your invoices, using the Kilometer Tracking feature, and segregating expenses into different tax categories. These features are explained in detail above.


Tips and Tricks to Use QuickBooks Simple Start

If you want to effectively keep track of your accounting using this software, you should know certain tips and tricks. They will help you make the most out of this software and get your work done in less time.


Use Keyboard shortcuts for better efficiency.

There are innumerable keyboard shortcuts that you can employ while working on this application. Although it may be a bit hard for you to remember them in the beginning, they will help you save an enormous amount of your time.

  • Alt – It will activate the menu bar, and you can choose command names by hitting the underlined letter in the command name.
  • Alt + F4 – This shortcut will close the QuickBooks download program.
  • Ctrl + A – This combination of keys will show you the Chart of Accounts window.
  • Ctrl + D – Through it, you can delete the chosen transaction in a register
  • Ctrl + G – You will go to the other side of your transfer transaction using these keys.
  • window.
  • Ctrl + C – This shortcut will copy what you have selected to the clipboard.
  • Ctrl + F – The ‘Find’ window will appear when you press these keys.
  • Ctrl + N – It is useful when you are working with a window such as the ‘Create Invoices’ window. It will display a fresh, empty window where you can add another transaction.
  • Ctrl + I – This shortcut will show you the ‘Create Invoice’ window on the screen.
  • Ctrl + Z – This shortcut undoes whatever action you have performed last.
  • Ctrl + X – This keyboard shortcut shifts what you have selected to the clipboard.
  • Ctrl + V – The shortcut pastes what you have copied to the clipboard anywhere you want.
  • Ctrl + Ins – Through it, you can insert a line into the ‘Expenses’ or the ‘Items’ list.
  • Ctrl + Del – This shortcut deletes the line you have selected from the list of expenses or items.


Work your way easily through QuickBooks Simple Start

You can also use certain tricks or hacks to work your way seamlessly through the Simple Start solution from QuickBooks. Here it is some handy user interface tricks.

  • Hit the F1 key to commence the ‘Help’ program. This program will give you details about which part of the solution you are working on.
  • If you want to speedily move to a particular list box entry, hit the letter.
  • You can double-tap the entry to opt for a list box entry and the suggested command button of the dialog box.
  • Click ‘Home’ so as to shift the insertion point at the start of any field.
  • Similarly, move the insertion point to the end of a specific field by pressing ‘End.’
  • If you want to shift to a different program, tap the button of that program on the taskbar of the window. To go back to this program, tap the QB Task Bar button.
  • Hit the minimize button to reduce the size of the QuickBooks program window. This button is there in the upper-right part of the program window.


QuickBooks Simple Start Vs. QuickBooks Essentials – Which Is Right for You?

QB Simple Start or Easy Start plan is perfect for those who pay using credit or debit cards. It’s a good plan for those with basic invoicing needs. If you are someone who requires to record their expenditure as and when they occur, receive payment, give invoices and execute simple reports, the Simple Start plan is for you. The software tracks all the data you require to file sales tax and create your income tax returns. You can also run reports to view how your business is performing.


The QuickBooks Online Essentials plan is for those who pay for expenditures at a later date. It’s ideal for those who don’t want to track their expenses exactly at the time they occur. The Essentials plan comes with enhanced invoicing options. You can track extra data, such as sales reps. Moreover, there’s also a feature to account for gratuities and tips and input the time of your employees in time sheets. If you deal with various currencies, then the Essentials plan will be right for you.


Final Thoughts

QuickBooks Simple Start makes the process of invoicing very streamlined. It has pretty much everything a small business needs to carry out accounting optimally. The user can do everything from accessing reports to sending out invoices in a single online interface. To learn more about it, connect with QuickBooks technical support service.

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