Resolve the QuickBooks Script Error Code 0 with Effective Fixes

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Here, all the quick techniques to troubleshoot QuickBooks Script Error are described with lots of other important information.

Technology has become imperative for carrying out tasks efficiently in today’s digitized world. The QuickBooks accounting software is an example of how technology has made accounting and bookkeeping operations more streamlined for people. It’s a user-friendly and reliable software that helps users save loads of time and energy. But despite being a technological innovation, you might face various technical bugs. A QuickBooks script error Code 0 arises when you try to access a web page from your QuickBooks application in Windows 7, 8, and 10. It is crucial to find the resolution for it whenever you encounter it. In this article, you’ll find comprehensive instructions for this purpose.

QuickBooks Script Error Code 0


What Does Script Error Quickbooks Mean?

This error in the QB software arises when JavaScript has installation problems. It also occurs when the internet explorer processes a web page. You will find it occurring when you are opening the company file. QuickBooks, by default, utilizes the settings of internet explorer to link with the internet.

When JavaScript or VB script has any installation problems or the internet explorer cannot execute these scripting languages, the script error surfaces on the QuickBooks desktop. You will notice an error message that reads ‘QuickBooks Script Error Unable To Get Property Length of Undefined or Null Reference.’

Script Error Quickbooks

Your system will also start responding very slowly. This error message demands you to undertake some troubleshooting measures. You’ll have to reset the settings of your internet explorer to resolve this problem. Keep reading to know what causes this error message and the exact process to eliminate it.


Why Does QuickBooks Script Error Occur?

The script error in QuickBooks can occur due to various reasons. All the versions of this software, QuickBooks 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 show this error message. The prime causes behind this issue are as follows:

  • A spyware or malware infection in your computer.
  • When script processing functions are blocked or disabled.
  • Damage to the software or script plugin.
  • You made some changes to your system before this error. 
  • If the script debugging functionality is enabled, you might experience this error.
  • The downloaded data from the web source is not compatible with the script software format.
  • You might experience intermittent script errors with a single site.
  • Windows user is damaged or corrupted.
  • Blockage of the script function by a third-party application or a Firewall. 
  • Missing or damaged active X components. 
  • Usage of a damaged QuickBooks data file. 
  • A corrupted or full default browser’s cache folder.

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Fix the Script Error QuickBooks Easily

You can follow along with the different techniques explained below and tackle the script error. As mentioned before, fixes for this problem will require you to make changes in the internet explorer settings. Go through the instructions provided to execute every method properly:

1. Add Intuit as a trusted website

The QuickBooks script error message can get fixed when you add Intuit as a trusted website in Internet Explorer. Implement the following process.

  • Launch internet explorer. Go under the ‘Settings‘ and tap the ‘Security‘ tab.
  • Below the section of ‘Trusted Sites,’ add as a trusted website.

Trusted Sites in Internet Explorer - Screenshot

  • Navigate to the ‘Trusted Sites’ window. Untick the option of ‘Require server verification (HTTPS:).’
  • Close the ‘Trusted Sites’ window. Then unmark ‘Enable Protected Mode.’
  • Close internet explorer and run QuickBooks Desktop.


2. Remove the cache data of Internet Explorer

Removing cache data can also get you rid of the QuickBooks script error code 0. To clear the cache, navigate to the ‘Browsing History’ section in your internet explorer settings. Then follow these points:

Delete History in Interne Explorer - Screenshot

  • Tap’ Delete.’ Choose ‘History, cookies, and temporary internet files.’
  • Next, click the ‘Delete‘ button.
  • Then hit ‘Apply‘ followed by ‘OK.’


3. Switch off script debugging

It is another lesser-known technique to resolve script errors in QuickBooks. Navigate to the ‘Internet Options‘ in your Internet Explorer. Then, adhere to the steps given below:

  • Tap on the ‘Advanced‘ tab.
  • After that, scroll down to two options.
  1. Disable script debugging internet explorer.
  2. Disable script debugging other
  • You need to tick both these options. Then, tap ‘Apply‘ and then ‘OK.’


4. Make changes to the security settings

In case you have turned on any script blocking functionality in the default Windows security program, you need to disable it. You have two options for this purpose:

  • You can either ‘Configure‘ the security program.
  • Also, You can seek the support of a QuickBooks professional remotely.


5. Open internet explorer in compatibility view

Another way to fix script error Quickbooks is to open internet explorer in compatibility view. The technique will likely fix this error message for you. Follow the steps given below:

  • Launch Internet Explorer. Locate the ‘Settings‘ icon and from under it, click ‘Tools.’

Compatible view in Internet Explorer - Screenshot

  • After that, launch the ‘Compatibility View settings.’ It will open the window of ‘Compatibility View.’
  • Next, place a checkmark beside the checkbox of ‘Display all websites in Compatibility View.’

Turn On Compatibility View Mode - Screenshot

  • Lastly, click ‘Close.’
  • Save all your changes.

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6. Switch off add-ons in your Internet Explorer

Sometimes, turning off add-ons can also instantly help you fix the script error. Add-ons are applications that the internet explorer utilizes to interact with content on the web, like games and videos. Some standard add-ons that you might be familiar with include Adobe Flash, Silverlight, and Quicktime. To turn them off, follow the process given below:

  • Open your Internet Explorer and go to ‘Tools.’ From under this section select ‘Internet Options.’
  • Locate the ‘Programs’ tab. From under this tab, hit ‘Manage Add-ons.’

Manage add-ons in internet explorer - screenshot

  • After that, tap the add-on you have and choose ‘Disable.’ This option will be there on the bottom part of your screen.
  • Finally, tap ‘OK.’
  • Follow this step by exiting the Internet Explorer.


7. Delete SSL certificates

An SSL certificate refers to a code bit on your web server. It functions to provide security for your online communications. But sometimes, they can also result in script errors. To clear them from Internet Explorer, follow the steps below:

  • Tap on the Gear icon. It’s at the top of Internet Explorer. From here, choose ‘Internet Options.’
  • Below the ‘Content‘ tab, tap on the button ‘Clear SSL State.’
  • Save the changes by tapping ‘OK.’


8. Turn Internet Explorer into your default browser

Windows PC already has Internet Explorer installed in it. On encountering the script error QuickBooks, you can set Internet Explorer as your default browser and also pin it to your taskbar and Start screen. The process is quite simple. Follow these steps for it:

  • Launch Internet Explorer and choose the ‘Tools’ button. Select ‘Internet Options.’
  • Choose the ‘Programs’ tab, followed by selecting the option of ‘Make default.’
  • Choose ‘OK‘ and exit Internet Explorer.

9. Turn off the notification of script error.

You can also turn off the script error notification. To do it, adhere to the instructions below:

  • Launch Internet Explorer and tap the ‘Tool‘ icon. It will be present on the top-right part of the screen.
  • Next, click ‘Internet Options’ and go to the ‘Advanced‘ tab.
  • Take away the checkmark from the option of ‘Display a notification about every script error.’

Display a notification about every script error in Internet explorer - Screenshot

  • Click ‘OK‘ and save the settings.

10. Add the URL in the error message to the list of restricted websites in QB

Another effective technique to fix the QuickBooks script error message is to add its URL to the restricted websites list. Follow these points:

  • Navigate to the ‘Help‘ tab of QuickBooks and tap ‘Internet connection setup.’
  • Hit ‘Next‘ followed by ‘Advanced Connection Settings.’
  • Tap the ‘Restricted Sites’ option from the security tab.
  • Tap’ Sites.’ Paste the URL that you received in the error message.
  • Hit ‘Add‘ followed by ‘Close.’
  • Click ‘OK‘ and then ‘Done‘ for saving all the changes.

Final Words

These measures will assist you in resolving the QuickBooks script error. All of them are quite straightforward and easy to follow. But don’t worry if you still receive this error message. Just contact QuickBooks support services. The technical experts will get you rid of this error with effective resolutions.

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